Pilla Magneto 2.0

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THE MAGNETO 2 Is packaged in a new ALUMINUM BOX. The revolutionary design of the MAGNETO uses Neodymium magnets to anchor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel. The attachment of the lens to the frame takes less than 1 second.Each MAGNETO 2 KIT comes 4 sets of interchangeable temple arms. A short, medium, long, and fork temple arm. The temples are easily twisted off the frame and can be adjusted with ease. Each Magneto uses 3 Neodymium magnets to secure the lens to the front bar of the frame. A beautifully polished red bar acts as a stopper to lock the lens to the frame.

At Michigan Shooting Centers, we let YOU build your own package. All Magneto 2.0 kits with 2 or more lenses include a Aluminum & Carbon Fiber case.

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