Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent 12GA 32"

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For sale is a brand new Caesar Guerini Challenger Ascent chambered in 12 gauge with a 32″ mid-rib sporting barrels. 6 MAXIS competition chokes and Caesar Guerini hard case come standard.

The Challenger Ascent is the natural progression of the extremely popular Ascent line of target shotguns. We have upgraded the Ascent with a bold Acanthus leaf engraving motif on a fine Inglesina scroll background. The stock dimensions are unchanged, but the wood has been upgraded to a deluxe grade of Turkish Walnut. All Ascent models feature a10mm high fixed rib and Monte Carlo stock that allows the shooter to utilize a more upright shooting posture while still retaining the instinctive pointing qualities of a flat-rib sporting clays gun. The result is an modern sporting gun that accommodates both pre-mounted and gun-down shooting styles while remaining very comfortable to shoot.

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