Michigan Shooting Centers offers several ways to sell your gun. We purchase guns outright, accept trade-ins, and offer gun consignment services. With over 500 firearms in stock, the ``Sell Your Gun`` program at Michigan Shooting Centers allows firearms enthusiasts to not only get that gun they've always dreamed of but also trade in a firearm in the process. This program is perfect for those who might not use an older firearm any longer, state compliance or just want to save more on that new firearm they have always wanted!
  • Take photos of your gun.
  • Fill out the online form.
  • Ship your firearm to us, we pay the shipping.
  • Trade in your balance towards a new gun or cash out with a check.

Step 1: Take photos of your gun.

Use your phone or digital camera to take pictures of your firearm to include with the form. Please have pictures of each side of the firearm and of any customization, details or damage. Then you will be able to upload them to the online form for our Sell My Gun representatives to review.

  • Required Images:
    Please upload both a Left and Right side photo of the firearm you would like to trade-in. These two (2) photos are required and should show the entire view of each respective side as clearly as possible. Upon submission and review, our team may request additional images if needed to form an initial offer.
  • Additional Views:
    Does your firearm sport any cool accessories, extra chokes, magazines, original packaging or other notable features? Please include up to four (4) additional photos below showcasing these extras so that our team can ensure you get the most bang for your trade-in.
  • Damage/Wear:
    Guns are supposed to be used; we get it. That’s why we understand a firearm may pick up some dings and scratches along the way. Please upload up to four (4) photos below that showcase any visual damage on the firearm. Our teaam does need to know of any damage the firearm carries to ensure the best trade-in value for everyone. Be sure to add notes about damage or wear to the “Additional Notes / Info” field of the online form. Failure to disclose known or obvious damage to the firearm may result in a cancellation of your  request.

Step 2: Fill out the online form.

Filling out our online form is quick and easy. The whole submission process only takes a few minutes to complete, allowing you to get your information to our team for quick evaluation. We want you to spend more time in the field or at the range, and less time online. What are you waiting for? Begin filling out the form today, just click here!

Our team will evaluate all submissions and get back with you in just a few days with an estimate on what we could offer. There is absolutely no cost for the appraisal of a firearm sent in for the Sell My Gun program. See program details and FAQs for all information.

Step 3: Ship your firearm to us, we pay the shipping.

Once your online form has been received and approved, Michigan Shooting Centers will send you a UPS return label to ship your firearm in for final inspection. Be sure to package your firearm carefully. All packages are insured in the event of it being lost, but any damage to your firearm due to improper packaging will not be covered.

Firearms (including handguns) may be shipped only through a UPS Scheduled Pickup Account or through a UPS Customer Center (counters at UPS operational facilities). UPS no longer accepts firearms (including handguns) via UPS Drop Boxes or UPS On-Call Pickup®, and may not be tendered to or dropped off at locations of The UPS Store®, any third party retailer, or any UPS Access Point™ location.

Step 4: Trade in your balance towards a new gun or cash out with a check.

After your trade in firearm has been received and inspected in person, Michigan Shooting Centers will either issue you a check, ship out your new firearm, or send you a consignment contract.

If you choose to trade-in your firearm, all FFL rules and paperwork will apply when picking up your new firearm at your dealer. Any fees the FFL may charge for processing the transfer are the responsibility of the transferee. All firearms are typically shipped via UPS. Most shipments going to Alaska or Hawaii will be shipped via USPS.

  • What is a FFL?
    A FFL or Federal Firearms License, is a license that allows a company or individual to transfer or sell firearms.
  • How do I get a copy of the FFL to MSC?
    In most cases, you can contact your local firearms dealer and request that they send a copy to Michigan Shooting Centers via email to Please ensure that the sender references your name and order number if not being submitted with the online form.