Bald Mountain Shooting Range’s spring 2019 sporting clays league begins on April 8, 2019 and last 6 weeks. The year’s league will consist of 300 targets (one round of 50 sporting clays each week). League participants may shoot the league at their own pace, as long as all 6 rounds are completed by Sunday, May 26, 2019. League rounds are to be declared before shooting and may be shot on any day that we are open. For those wishing to compete with other league shooters, the official league nights will be Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm – close. League shooters are required to shoot league rounds with at least one other league shooter.

The league will use a class-based system with awards given to the champion in each of the four classes. Classes will be determined by the shooter’s average from the first 150 targets. Results will be published in the clubhouse as well as online for easy access.

Members: $96 includes $15 League Registration Fee
Non-Members: $150 includes $15 League Registration Fee

League sign-up will be available in the Bald Mountain Shooting Range clubhouse until April 22, 2019.


Starting May 5th, Michigan Shooting Centers will be hosting its second annual .22 rim-fire league. This league will be open to all .22 rim-fire rifles and shooters of all skill levels. For eight weeks, shooters can participate at their own pace, shooting any day of the week. Cost is $120 for non-members and $40 for members. Payment will be taken prior to the league starting and includes the shooters range fee for their league days as well as three targets (two practice and one league) per week. Shooters will also be able to purchase additional practice targets at any time during the league.

IBS rimfire targets will be used with the best six of eight targets scored. Two classes will be determined in order to accommodate shooters of varying skill level. “A” class will be shot at 35 yards. New shooters are encouraged to shoot in “B” class which will be shot at 25 yards. All scoring will be done by range staff. Scores will be posted at the ranges bulletin board as well as online. Michigan Shooting Centers will be sponsoring prizes awarded to the top shooters in each class. This league will be available at both Island Lake and Bald Mountain, so set your sights and get ready!