Island Lake Shooting Range – An Overview

Located on just over 100 acres in Brighton, Island Lake offers a wide array of target shooting opportunities. This shooters’ paradise is home to a number of regional and national class competitions and other major events.

  • Sporting Clays – Often called “golf with a shotgun,” sporting clays is a fun and rapidly growing sport. Targets are launched in many different directions, some in the air and some rolling on the ground. Island Lake has one 14 station sporting clays course, each with four automatic Promatic throwers.
  • Skeet – Skeet shooting dates back to the 1920s. It was created to offer the sportsman something to sharpen skills during the off-season. The field moves shooters in a semicircle, presenting them with a combination of 25 total targets per round. Targets are launched from a high and a low house, crossing in front of the shooter. It is a great game for an individual or a group of five.
  • Trap – Trap shooting is designed to simulate the flushing game bird. Targets are launched straight away from the shooter. The field layout provides the shooter with 25 targets, creating an exciting challenge from five different shooting positions.
  • 5-Stand– Like sporting clays, but condensed. Targets are shot in rounds of 25 in five stands, with each shooter rotating from station to station. Targets are thrown in a predetermined pattern indicated on a menu. 5-Stand uses six to eight machines.
  • Rifle & Pistol Range – Our rifle/pistol range has 40 positions at distances from 5 yards to 100 yards. All types of firearms may be used with the exceptions of .416 Barrett, .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun), Tracer Rounds, and Armor Piercing Rounds.

We are conveniently located just a mile off of I-96 in Brighton, Michigan. We are on Grand River Road between Kensington Road (I-96, exit 151) and Kent Lake Road (I-96, exit 153). If coming from the west, take I-96E to exit 151, take a left onto Kensington Road, and then a left at the first stop light onto Grand River Road. If coming from the east, take I-96W to exit 153, take a left onto Kent Lake Road, and then a right at the first stop light onto Grand River Road.

Coming from both directions, the entrance will be approximately 1/2 mile ahead after turning onto Grand River Road.

Sporting Clays

Sporting clays is a form of clay pigeon shooting, often described as “golf with a shotgun” because a typical course includes from 10 to 15 different shooting stations laid out over natural terrain. Sporting clays offers a great variety of trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes. Eye-twisting target presentations, as well as the variety of models of clay targets make the sport extremely interesting, each station presents you with a whole new experience!

All of the sporting clays courses at Michigan Shooting Centers operate using a TargetKey counting system, which count how many clays you launch and allows shooters to utilize any combination of the clay target presentations – whether it be singles, reports or true pairs. The system also offers a delay feature for individual shooters.

The sporting clays course at Island Lake Shooting Range is 1.25 miles in length and can be traversed by foot or with the use of one of our rent-able golf carts. Each of our 14 semi-covered sporting clays stations at Island Lake feature 4 automatic clay target machines, A and B machines that tailor to beginner shooters and C and D machines that are more suited to those interested in a real challenge.

Skeet and Trap

Skeet: Skeet utilizes two machines for presentations from eight shooting stations. The targets emerge from a high house ten feet above ground on the left and a low house 3-1/2 feet above ground on the right. Targets face one another forty yards apart and pass fifteen feet above a crossing stake set twenty yards from the shooting stations. Shooting stations are arranged around an arc running from one house to the other. A round of skeet consists of twenty-five shots, beginning with a high-house bird at station one, then a low house bird, then a double at one, two, six, and seven. Island Lake Shooting Range has four skeet/trap overlay fields.

Trap: In trap, the targets are thrown from a single automatic trap quartering away from the shooter at various angles. One to five shooters move through five positions, shooting 5 shots at each – totaling twenty five targets in one round. We recommend trap for beginning shooters and novices. Island Lake Shooting Range has four skeet/trap overlay fields.

Rifle and Pistol Range

Whether you are sighting in your rifle for opening day or introducing your granddaughter to your old 22 rifle, you’ll feel at home and safe on our rifle and pistol ranges. We are known for having one of the largest, safest and best run public outdoor rifle and pistol shooting ranges in the state of Michigan.

At our rifle and pistol ranges, you’ll find black powder and bench rest enthusiasts, experts and novices alike enjoying their deer rifles and defensive handguns, single shots and the latest modern auto loaders. Trained range personnel are always on hand to assist with problems, to give advice and to make sure that the range and safety rules are strictly enforced for everyone’s safety.

Both have the availability of steel reactive targets on designated steel shooting nights, check our calendar for details. Positions are available at 25, 50 and 100 yards. Portable targets are additionally available free of charge to bring targets even closer than 25 yards.