Mon & Tues


to the Public

Weds & Thurs

Noon – Dusk

(or 8pm, whichever comes first)

Fri – Sun

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

(or Dusk, if dusk is earlier than 6pm)

Please plan to arrive at least 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to our closing time in order to shoot a round of sporting clays.

During the winter months, we are open past dusk until 8pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays for league shooting and Cosmic Clays™.

We are closed for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day (4th of July), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We are open on New Year’s Eve from 10:00am – 3:00pm. We are also open 7 day a week from November 1 until November 14 for hunting season.

Shooting Rates

We provide all sporting clays shooters with 10% in bonus targets in the event of machine malfunctions or issues. 10% of your total Count-Up card balance will be removed at checkout after completion of your shooting.

Activity Public Rate VIP Member Youth
25 Executive Sporting Clays 2 $13.00 $9.25 $9.25
50 Sporting Clays $26.00 $18.50 $18.50
100 Sporting Clays $52.00 $37.00 $37.00
Sporting Clays - Extra Targets 52 cents / target 37 cents / target 37 cents / target
5-Stand (Round of 25 Targets) $12.50 $9.25 $9.25
Skeet/Trap (Round of 25 Targets)1 $11.00 $8.00 $8.00
Rifle & Pistol Range $18.00 / day FREE FREE
Archery Range 2 FREE FREE FREE
Golf Cart Rental (4 Seater) $16.00 FREE N/A
Semi-Auto Shotgun Rental $25.00 FREE FREE
Over/Under Shotgun Rental $40.00 FREE N/A
Spotting Scope Rental $5.00 FREE N/A
1 Available Only at Island Lake, 2 Available Only at Bald Mountain

Frequent Shooter Discounts

Our mission is to encourage participation in the shooting sports. What better way is there to do that than to offer discounts to those who visit us the most frequently?! For this reason, we offer prepaid discount cards as well as exclusive memberships.

Non-Member Discounts
1000 Target Sporting Clays Discount Card - $425.00 (42.5 cents per clay) - Save 10%
10 Round 5-Stand Discount Card - $112.50 - Save 10%
10 Round Skeet/Trap Discount Card - $95.00 - Save 15%
Membership Discounts
We also offer several membership options which are designed for the dedicated shooting enthusiast.
In addition to huge discounts of 25% or more and free rifle & pistol range entry, our members receive exclusive privileges at both of our ranges.
VIP’s members can prepay for targets in bulk (1,000+) at a rate of just 30 cents per target.

Ammunition Pricing

Michigan Shooting Centers sells shotgun, rifle and pistol ammunition at competitive prices. Due to COVID-19 supply constraints, availability and pricing does fluctuate on a daily basis. Feel free to call ahead for availability and pricing – (866) 647 – 4668.