Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before you come out to shoot with us here at Michigan Shooting Centers. Browse the topics below to find what you are looking for.

We recommend that three shooters maximum operate one gun. This is for your comfort, as the gun will get very hot with repeated shooting and foul much more quickly leading to reliability issues. We have shotguns for rent and advise you use them for large groups without enough guns. We do not offer rentals for handgun or rifle shooting.

There are no areas at our ranges where you can shoot buckshot.

On the rifle and pistol range, it is prohibited to shoot buckshot due to its destruction of our target backers. It is also prohibited on all clay target sports as non-target loads travel farther and risk severely injuring other shooters. This is true even with smaller game loads, like #6 shot. You may shoot only slugs out of your shotgun on our rifle & pistol range.

On our clay target ranges, you may shoot lead or steel targets loads only, shot size 7 – 9.

An increase in the price of clay targets has forced us to change our target allocation effective April 1, 2020. All groups are given 10% more targets than what they pay for which are intended to make up for any broken targets your group may have. You may use these additional allocated clays as you wish. Machine signs (A,B,C and D) and diagrams are posted at every station that mark where each presentation is coming from.

You can also purchase as many additional clays as you so desire at the cash register prior to the start of the round. We have machine signs and diagrams at every station that mark where each presentation is coming from.

Not at all! You may shoot clays by yourself by using our simple delay system. You can program a delay into the target release system to give you between 1 to 5 seconds to get ready prior to the clay launching once the button is pressed. Inquire at the front desk and we can provide you with written instructions and/or an employee to provide you with a quick tutorial at your first station.

We limit our shooters to paper targets only on the rifle & pistol range. You can bring your own paper targets or a variety of options are available at the range for you to purchase. We provide toothpicks to affix your target to our foam target holders. You may bring your own staple gun to affix your target if you wish to do so.

We allow all types of paper targets with the exception of human or silhouette targets, as we are a family friendly range. You may shoot at a silhouette target, so long as the head is folded behind the target and not visible to range patrons.

We do have times of the year where we put out reactive steel targets for pistol shooting, check our calendar for steel shooting availability.

Yes, we offer golf cart rentals which are intended for our customers who traverse our sporting clays courses. The cost is $16 for non-members and $10 for members. Each golf cart has four seats and the cost can be split among up to 4 people.

Yes we do! Gift cards can be purchased in the clubhouse or online. Gift cards can be used on everything with the exception of shooting tuition from one of our instructors.

We do not have an in-house gunsmith. If you need to send your firearm to the manufacturer or to another FFL, we can transfer it for you through the Michigan Shooting Centers gun showroom based out of Lake Orion. For minor issues that occur at our facilities, please see a manager and we will do what we can to get you shooting again.

We change our sporting clays courses at a minimum once per month to offer new, exciting and novel target presentations.

You should transport your firearms in your vehicle unloaded and in a case, with the ammunition separate from the gun.

All firearms which you wish to use at the rifle and/or pistol range must be brought to the range unloaded and cased. We do not allow drawing from a holster, so if you have a concealed pistol license and wish to use your concealed firearm, you must un-holster it at your vehicle, unload it, and put it in a case. You are more than welcome to carry your firearm concealed on the range if you have a CPL, however, you will not be able to shoot it at the range.

Shotguns for clay target shooting may be uncased at your vehicle and brought onto the course so long as it is unloaded and the action is open. You are also more than welcome to keep your unloaded gun in a gun slip or case while on the course.