Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Shotgun

Test Drive a Kolar, Caesar Guerini, or Syren

Here at Michigan Shooting Centers, it is our goal to help you find the shotgun the best suits your needs. Testing driving a shotgun is the best way to find a shotgun that fits you, your shooting style, and your budget. We offer demo firearms in various configurations from our Kolar Arms, Caesar Guerini, Fabarm and Syren premium lines.

There are three ways to test drive a shotgun at Michigan Shooting Centers:

  1. At one of our ranges / email us at info@mishoot.com to schedule a time to demo a Kolar, Caesaer Guerini, Fabarm, or Syren at one of our two ranges
  2. On the road / our sales team travels quite frequently to NSCA Championship tour events, as well as others, view our vending schedule here
  3. At the comfort of your home range / email us at info@mishoot.com and we can arrange to have a demo gun shipped to your nearest FFL dealer. You can demo the gun for up to 2 weeks at your local gun club and make your own evaluation. All we ask is that you pay $100 to cover round-trip shipping and insurance.

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