Michigan Shooting Centers rebrands gun shop business unit to Orion Outdoors Co.

Michigan Shooting Centers has been in the gun shop business since 2012. Since that time, we have evolved into one of the nation’s largest competition sporting and hunting gun retailers. As our gun shop continues to grow and expand, operating it under the same name as our shooting range facilities, “Michigan Shooting Centers,” just doesn’t quite seem right.

Our gun shop is no longer a small piece of what we do here and it’s time it get its own name. A name that is more fitting to what the gun shop is and where it is going in the years to come. Moving forward, our gun shop will operate under the name “Orion Outdoors Co.”

This name gives tribute to the location in which our gun shop story began. It also pays homage to the story and heritage of the hunter. With our new name comes the same great level of service that you’ve come to expect from Michigan Shooting Centers. Our friendly team remains the same as does our commitment to commitment to service.