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Christmas Gift Guide for Target Shooters


Across the country, the popularity of the shooting sports continues to grow.  Men, women, youngsters are all enjoying competitive and recreational clay target shooting in greater numbers than ever before.  Hundreds of thousands joined the ranks last year. So chances are pretty good you have shooters – especially new shooters – on your Christmas gift-giving list.  Michigan Shooting Centers is here to help with gear to earn you big smiles and warm hugs when the wrappings come off! Apparel view  more > Shotguns view  more [...]

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5 Best Value Shotguns for Upland Hunting


In the market for a new upland gun? Below are what we believe are the best upland hunting guns for the price on the market today. Whether your quarry is pheasants, quail, or grouse, any of these shotguns will get the job done. Fabarm L4S Initial Hunter  - MSRP $1,295 The L4S is powered by the same Pulse Piston gas operating system as its flagship XLR5 competition sporting semi-automatic. The L4S features a slimmer forearm than the XLR5 that makes it feel and point more like a light over/under. A shorter, reduced capacity magazine also improves balance and drops weight [...]

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Clay Target Prep for Hunting Season


When the success of a hunt is so often gauged by how many birds you come home with, hunters must do everything they can to stack the odds in their favor. Using the off-season to hone your skills as a shot-gunner will lead to more birds in your bag at the end of the day. The majority of successful hunters will tell you that they shoot a lot of clays in the off-season, and “practice like you play” is as true in this situation as any other. In the clay target shooting world, that means shooting the same amount of targets (or more), wearing the [...]

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The Battue Target


Earlier this month, a reader emailed to say that for as long as he could remember – in a shooting career of nearly ten years or so – the battue had always been his bogey bird.  He went on to say that it was often the battue that ruined his scorecard and sometimes made the difference between winning his class and being in the middle of the pack. I too have had my fair share of bad experiences with the battue. To this day, I still recollect the left-to-right battue that was thrown over the pond on station 13 – the [...]

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The Looping Chandelle Target


In this issue of Target Tactics, we are going to examine the strategies for crushing the chandelle target. The chandelle, or arching target, is thrown vertically off of the trap’s arm, usually showing full face or full belly to the shooter. Why the weird name? The word “chandelle” originated from the aircraft aerobatics world. It designates an aircraft maneuver where a pilot executes a steep climbing turn accompanied with a simultaneous change in. It is a maneuver designed to show the pilot's proficiency in controlling the aircraft while performing a minimum radius climbing turn at a constant turning radius. The chandelle [...]

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The Teal Target


Whether you are new to sporting clays or at the top of your game, you’ve likely had the teal target eat your lunch. The springing teal can be petrifying, but why? At close distances, the teal is everyone’s favorite target. Its vertical trajectory displays the target’s full face or full belly. It’s like a garbage can lid; how could you possibly miss? Add distance, speed and height to the mix and the teal quickly evolves from the target you can’t miss to the one that’s got your number. The chances are it’s the high, fast and bloody far away teal that [...]

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The Driven Target


Pushed off a high hillside hundreds of yards in front of the guns, soaring, perhaps with a tailwind that makes him even faster, a tall, driven pheasant is one of the most testing targets one will ever encounter in the field. In this second installment of Lieske’s Target Tactics, we will discuss the clay counterpart to this tricky shot: the driven target. Though seldom thrown in the states, primarily due to its safety concerns, the driven target can pose a serious threat to your scorecard. The relative level of inexperience that most shooters have with the driven clay makes it one [...]

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The Rabbit Target


Bouncing bunnies have been known to zip across the terrain, hop, skip and jump. It is this unpredictability that makes the rabbit target a problematic one for many people. In this first issue of Lieske’s Target Tactics, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to executing the perfect shot on that rascally rabbit. According to Pat, “people tend to misread the rabbit, particularly those on the ground, because rabbits appears faster than their true speed.” It is an optical illusion caused by their motion across a fluctuating background. In addition, due to rabbits being “flatter and thicker than your standard clay,” the [...]

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