Christmas Gift Guide for Target Shooters


Across the country, the popularity of the shooting sports continues to grow.  Men, women, youngsters are all enjoying competitive and recreational clay target shooting in greater numbers than ever before.  Hundreds of thousands joined the ranks last year. So chances are pretty good you have shooters – especially new shooters – on your Christmas gift-giving list.  Michigan Shooting Centers is here to help with gear to earn you big smiles and warm hugs when the wrappings come off! Apparel view  more > Shotguns view  more [...]

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Clay Target Prep for Hunting Season


When the success of a hunt is so often gauged by how many birds you come home with, hunters must do everything they can to stack the odds in their favor. Using the off-season to hone your skills as a shot-gunner will lead to more birds in your bag at the end of the day. The majority of successful hunters will tell you that they shoot a lot of clays in the off-season, and “practice like you play” is as true in this situation as any other. In the clay target shooting world, that means shooting the same amount of targets (or more), wearing the [...]

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