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The Looping Chandelle Target

In this issue of Target Tactics, we are going to examine the strategies for crushing the chandelle target. The chandelle, or arching target, is thrown vertically off of the trap’s arm, usually showing full face or full belly to the shooter. Why the weird name? The word “chandelle” originated from the aircraft aerobatics world. It designates an aircraft maneuver where a pilot executes a steep climbing turn accompanied with a simultaneous change in. It is a maneuver designed to show the pilot's proficiency in controlling the aircraft while performing a minimum radius climbing turn at a constant turning radius. The chandelle [...]

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The Outgoing Trap Target

The straight-away, or trap-style target, is perhaps the most straight-forward of any target you may encounter on the course. It’s undoubtedly one of the first target presentations you ever learned to break. Having said that, people seem to miss more straight-away targets than they should. For the purposes of this Target Tactics article, let’s characterize the “trap target” as any presentation that consists of a machine in front of you launching the target away. Sometimes straight away, other times angled to one direction or another. In many ways, the trap target is similar to the teal. The significant contrast being that [...]

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The Teal Target

Whether you are new to sporting clays or at the top of your game, you’ve likely had the teal target eat your lunch. The springing teal can be petrifying, but why? At close distances, the teal is everyone’s favorite target. Its vertical trajectory displays the target’s full face or full belly. It’s like a garbage can lid; how could you possibly miss? Add distance, speed and height to the mix and the teal quickly evolves from the target you can’t miss to the one that’s got your number. The chances are it’s the high, fast and bloody far away teal that [...]

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The Driven Target

Pushed off a high hillside hundreds of yards in front of the guns, soaring, perhaps with a tailwind that makes him even faster, a tall, driven pheasant is one of the most testing targets one will ever encounter in the field. In this second installment of Lieske’s Target Tactics, we will discuss the clay counterpart to this tricky shot: the driven target. Though seldom thrown in the states, primarily due to its safety concerns, the driven target can pose a serious threat to your scorecard. The relative level of inexperience that most shooters have with the driven clay makes it one [...]

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The Rabbit Target

Bouncing bunnies have been known to zip across the terrain, hop, skip and jump. It is this unpredictability that makes the rabbit target a problematic one for many people. In this first issue of Lieske’s Target Tactics, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to executing the perfect shot on that rascally rabbit. According to Pat, “people tend to misread the rabbit, particularly those on the ground, because rabbits appears faster than their true speed.” It is an optical illusion caused by their motion across a fluctuating background. In addition, due to rabbits being “flatter and thicker than your standard clay,” the [...]

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Caring for Your Kolar Shotgun

Though a Kolar shotgun is arguably the most dependable and reliable firearm known to man, you should take proper maintenance precautions to ensure that it will function flawlessly. As with any type of firearm, residue can collect. Carbon, dirt, powder, dust, and even grease buildup can lead to gun malfunctions. Luckily, these malfunctions can be avoided by keeping your shotgun properly cleaned, maintained and stored. Proper gun maintenance is a must for any responsible gun owner. Storing Your Kolar The gunsmiths at Kolar recommend that all Kolar shotguns be stored with the hammers dis-engaged. That being said, it is a [...]

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