Pilla Panther X7 Post 3 Lens Kit

Pilla Panther X7 Post 3 Lens Kit

Pilla Panther X7 Post 3 Lens Kit

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The Panther X7 Post is a fully adjustable Pilla product. The nose-piece has multiple positions to raise and lower the frame. This is a significant advantage for the shooter looking for maximum adjustment to tune the fit of the glasses when mounting the stock. This model should also be selected if a prescription insert is to be used. The Panther X7 Post can use an insert for corrective wearers. It is recommended that the power range be between + or – 2.5.

Features *new* Panther X7 carbon fiber fork temple with 26ED, 55PWC and 69 MWN lenses. The 55PWC is Pilla’s latest tint, a new Peach colored lens at 55% filtration using Max Orange and Chromashift. It specifically accelerates pink, orange and lime green!The lens pushes specfic light wavelengths to produce rich color saturation, while accelerating registration of target color. This is a must have lens for those who shoot sporting clays.!

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26ED, 55PWC, 69WMN


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