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    Pilla 560 Steel Zeiss 3 Lens Kit

    The Pilla 560 Steel shield system integrates Zeiss Colortrast technology and Pilla's proprietary fork temple designs. The 500 Series features Zeiss Colortrast, a lens technology one step below VIVX but still 2 times clearer than your standard poly-carbonate lens. If you are looking for the Pilla performance and clarity at an economical price, the 500 Series is the way to go.
    $489.00 $399.00
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    Pilla Outlaw X6 VIVX 3 Lens Kit

    The Outlaw X6 – a 6 base frame for medium to large head size.
    $999.00 $899.00
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    Pilla Panther X6 Post VIVX 3 Lens Kit

    The Pilla Panther X6 Post features full-coverage Zeiss VIVX lens filtration science.
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    Pilla Panther X7 No Post VIVX 3 Lens Kit

    The new generation Panther Systems have raised the level of comfort from the first generation and now in its 6th generation incorporates a variety of options to provide the shooter with the optimal system for their specific needs. The Panther X7 No Post is a fully interchangeable system using a high wrap optically correct 7-Base mask. The system has all the Zeiss VIVX 2 lens filtration options available for the design.
    $699.00 $599.00