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Hello, we are Michigan Shooting Centers & we shoot things.


Our story started back in 2001 when Pat Lieske, a professional sporting clay shooter and instructor,  started Michigan Shooting Centers. Lieske got his first taste of clay target shooting as a teenager, when he attended a hunter’s safety class at his local range. Returning to the clubhouse after trying a few targets, he noticed a flyer on the wall for a skeet shooting league – and signed up to participate. He shot skeet through high school, even delving briefly into the registered skeet world, while also working as a trapper at that same club.

Lieske has built his two ranges, collectively called Michigan Shooting Centers, into Michigan’s pre-eminent shooting sports destinations. The entire Lieske family – wife Karen, sons Drew and Gage and even Pat’s mother – can, from time to time, be seen pitching in at Island Lake and Bald Mountain.

Shooting Amenities

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Clay Target Sports

Island Lake and Bald Mountain are nationally-renown for their clay target shooting amenities. Our 5-star rated courses are meticulously manicured and designed for both the novice and experienced shooter alike. Take a different shot at fun and come crush some clays with us!

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Rifle and Pistol Shooting

Whether you are sighting in your rifle for opening day or introducing your grandson to your old .22, you’ll feel at home and safe on our outdoor rifle and pistol ranges. We have positions at 25, 50 and 100 yds. Portable targets are available to bring your target as close as 10 yds.

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Firearm Sales

Michigan Shooting Centers is home to one of the nation’s premier full service gun stores. Our specialty is service to our customers. Our professionals are experts in the latest trends in competition shooting and equipment. Let us help you find your next competition shotgun, rifle or pistol.

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