Edward Plocek

Shotgun Instructor

Couple decades of shooting experience with a Level 1 NSCA Shooting Instructors Certificate (taught by Gary Greenway) and five years of instruction at Island Lake Shooting (under the watchful eye of Pat Lieske) and you will find Ed’s developed his no non-sense instructional style that is not only enjoyable but highly effective for all levels of shooters. Ed’s philosophy is “to aid any shooter, you must first watch them shoot thereby identifying strengths and weaknesses allowing formulation of a plan which will quickly and effectively be of benefit”. ​Ed’s instructions do not end with the lesson but continue on with “homework” in the form “specifically selected exercises” that target the shooters weaknesses, this coupled with the suggestion of practice, practice and more practice.  You’ll find a lesson with Ed to be both enjoyable and beneficial.​ You can contact Ed for more information and to schedule a lesson via email at eplocek@mishoot.com.